One Piece Reveals Luffy's Declaration of War

One Piece's newest chapter of the series has officially kickstarted the final battle for Wano Country, and Luffy has declared an all-out war with any foe that will stand in his way. Series creator Eiichiro Oda has been steadily building the pieces for the final battle against Kaido and Big Mom's combined forces at Onigashima, and the newest chapter of the series has taken the first real steps into the final war of the arc as the Akazaya Nine have officially begun their major attack on Kaido. Now that they have made their move, Luffy has made one of his own.

Following up on the major cliffhanger which Luffy saw the Akazaya Nine making their initial strike against Kaido, Chapter 987 of the series throws up right into the immediate chaos that follows. With Luffy now out in the open as the first strike began, he has a sudden reunion with Big Mom. When Big Mom asks Luffy why he's come to Wano, he mentions that it's not to defeat Kaido. Well, it's not only to defeat Kaido as Luffy declares it's an "all-out war" on Kaido, his forces, Orochi's followers, Big Mom, and everyone else.

Following the Akazaya Nine's surprisingly successful attack on Kaido, Kaido starts to laugh at the fact that they have waited 20 years to make their move. He questions the fact that they allied themselves with pirates, and states that Luffy will abandon them and sail away once he knows they will lose (coupling this with the fact that he's already defeated Luffy once already). But Kin'emon refuses to back down and says Luffy will be the one to help free Wano from Kaido's clutches.

One Piece Luffy Declares War Kaido Big Mom Wano Manga Spoilers
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On the other side of the battle, Big Mom is asking Luffy about his desires in Wano too. Luffy initially throws everyone off by saying he's not there to defeat Kaido, but soon he quickly clarifies with the fact that he's there to defeat everyone exerting a terrible influence on Wano. Like many of his huge battles in the past, Luffy will take on everyone necessary if it means Wano Country is one step closer to freedom.

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