One-Punch Man Cosplay Gives Fubuki Some Killer Ink

When it comes to One-Punch Man, fans have their go-to heroes, and some of them have become more popular than other. Obviously, Saitama is at the top of that list for some, but others have snuck in there. Tatsumaki and her sister happen to be two such people, so one fan felt it was time they honored Fubuki with a super sleek cosplay.

Over on Instagram, the user bizarre_deer brought Fubuki to the fandom's attention with their impressive cosplay. The fan, who has specialized in a great many anime looks, decided to give Fubuki an impressive makeover that also shows off their ink.

You can see the look above as bizarre_deer is photographed in a spot-on cosplay. Fubuki is brought to life with a sassy green wig that is perfectly styled with bangs and choppy layers. The color suits Fubuki's eyes and bright lip color as the heroine looks to something just off camera.

As for her outfit, Fubuki is wearing her usual green dress, and the cosplay has given the heroine plenty of pearls to wear around her neck. She has a white fur-lined coat hung across her shoulder just so. And as you can see, the fan's own tattoos can be seen on her forearms.


Clearly, this no-frills look is impressive, and it nails the most important part of Fubuki... her attitude. The One-Punch Man heroine has a spitfire personality that differs from Tatsumaki in so many ways. As you can see, bizarre_deer channels that fiery attitude with ease, and we are excited to see their next cosplay project!

What do you think about this impressive One-Punch Man cosplay? Does it do Fubuki justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.