One-Punch Man Finally Starts Saitama vs. Garou Fight

One-Punch Man is finally giving fans the Saitamavs. Garou fight they have been waiting for with the newest chapter of the series! The Human Monster saga has reached its ultimate climax as while the majority of the Monster Association has been defeated by this point, there's still one major issue as Garou continues to grow stronger in the use of his monster form and abilities. Now that he has unlocked a new level of power through his fights with the toughest monster threats yet, Garou has come face to face for the first real time with Saitama after tons of teasing.

While Garou has been unknowingly knocked away by Saitama several times throughout this saga so far, the two of them never quite connected the proper dots that they have crossed paths until the previous chapter of the series when they fully came face to face. Despite Saitama seemingly not wanting to fight against Garou do to the fact that he didn't seem like a monster at all, the newest chapter of the series has kicked off their fight in full as Garou refuses to back down and wants to defeat Saitama as an example of his path to ultimate evil. 

Chapter 160 of One-Punch Man kicks off with all of the nearby civilians and weaker heroes reacting to the sudden surges and shockwaves of power. It's soon revealed that at the center of it all is Garou launching a full force assault on Saitama. As expected, Saitama is able to easily dodge and counter each and every one of Garou's attacks. But there are still a few that make it through as Garou has developed his fighting to style to such an extent that he's now more monstrous in power than ever. But all the while, Saitama himself is wondering why Garou is doing this in the first place. 

Saitama takes on a few attacks head on and allows Garou to do "damage" in an effort to try and speak with him about his motives. Wondering why Garou is acting like a monster (even going as far as calling his monster form "cosplay") when he clearly isn't (and the nearby Tareo asserts the same), Saitama soon realizes that the only way to truly get through to him is with his fists. This fight between the two of them is far from over, but it's already progressing in an unexpected way. 

What do you think? Sure the fight can only end one way, but how will Garou feel when the fight is over? Will Saitama be able to break through that monstrous exterior? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!