Pokemon Artist Shares More Godzilla Pocket Monsters

Pokemon and Godzilla as franchise both focus on monsters, with the latter featuring creatures that tower over entire cities as they leave destruction in their wake, one popular pocket monster artist has imagined what the lizard king and some of his biggest buddies might look like as Pokemon themselves. A concept artist for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, the first live action feature length film of the franchise, often will take to social media to share not only art he did for the film, but also some unique concepts that would otherwise never see the light of day!

Godzilla is set to make landfall once again next year once again in North America, fighting against the current ruler of Skull Island in King Kong. Kong himself, who has yet to make an appearance since the initial Legendary film of Kong: Skull Island, will clearly have to do some growing to get ready for his fight against the current King of the Monsters, as Godzilla currently towers over the larger than life primate. There have also been rumors about other kaiju that were created by Toho Studios, though we will have to wait for some footage from Godzilla Vs Kong to confirm what new surprises the film has in store for this new take on the world of kaiju!

RJ Palmer, the artist who had been a part of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, took the opportunity to imagine Godzilla and some of his biggest friends such as Mecha-Godzilla, Biollante, Baby Godzilla, and Gigan if they were available for Pokemon trainers to capture within the world of Pikachu and his countless number of pocket monsters:

There has never been an official crossover between Godzilla and Pokemon, though we could certainly see some of these giant kaiju being brought into the world of pocket monsters with art such as this. With Godzilla getting an anime series on Netflix titled Godzilla: Singular Point, it's definitely attempting to make a name for itself within the medium of anime, proving that Pokemon aren't the only monsters on the block!


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