Pokemon Journeys Reveals Mewtwo's Disappointing Reaction to Ash

One of the biggest events that fans of Pokemon Journeys have been waiting for is the big return of Mewtwo, the cloned pocket monster that appeared in the first feature length film of the franchise, but the arrival of this all powerful Pokemon has left fans disappointed thanks in part to his lackluster reunion with our main trainer in Ash Ketchum. With Ash and Goh recently finishing an adventure that saw them returning to the Galar Region and running into the legendary Sword and Shield beasts, their encounter with Mewtwo yielded a giant battle but left many fans left wanting!

In this episode, Ash and Goh ran into Mewtwo while attempting to decipher the origins of a psychic event taking place on a remote island, they ran into the cloned Pokemon that has become one of the most recognizable monsters in the franchise. The running time of the episode didn't give us much time to see Ash and Mewtwo "catch up", with both trainers instead asking to battle against the clone of Mew, and pitting their Pokemon against the all powerful creation that was born through the efforts of the nefarious Team Rocket!

Twitter User Anipoke Hub shared the clip, as well as their disappointment, wherein Ash and Goh encountered Mewtwo and didn't go into Ketchum's past with the cloned Pokemon that was first established in the initial feature length film of the popular franchise:

Though Mewtwo only appeared for a brief period of time during this episode, he did give both Ash and Goh the fight of their lives and proved that he remains one of the most powerful creature floating in the anime world today. We're crossing our fingers that Mewtwo will once again make a return in the future of the franchise and that his past with Ash Ketchum will be better explored down the road.

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