Primal Creator Answers More Questions About Season 2's Big Villain

Primal's second season has ended, and while a third season has yet to be confirmed by Adult Swim, creator Genndy Tartakovsky seemingly has plenty in store for the brutal show's return. Taking the opportunity to further explore the wild finale, Tartakovsky took the opportunity to break down the mysterious villain that powered-up the viking chief within the underworld and whether or not the deity is a familiar god or is something new created for the Cartoon Network television series.  

When the Viking Chief lost his entire family due to some unfortunate run-ins with Spear and Fang, the warrior sought power to get his revenge. Arriving in the underworld, the viking was faced with a mysterious horned creature, who Tartakovsky explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly was a "demi-god of Hell", looking close to the norse figure known as Surtur:

"The name of the episode before was "Vidarr," which is actually the old Nordic name for revenge. People kind of associated it with the demon guy. Whether it's the Devil or Satan, it's the demigod of Hell. I like when the audience makes it their own. Some people were saying that it's the god of revenge, and that works too. It's definitive in the story, but you can classify it the way you want to. The show, I've always said, it's pulp. There's man and dinosaurs, so you know you're historically not accurate. Then we've got witches, magic, vampire man-bats. Getting dragged to the underworld to empower yourself for revenge is all part of it."

With Tartakovsky seemingly looking to leave the world of Spear and Fang behind him, it doesn't seem likely that this primordial deity will be returning in the future of the franchise, though this is certainly a universe where anything can happen. Primal's second season took the opportunity to briefly explore a new story in this brutal universe, via the episode "The Primal Theory", which saw an escaped asylum patient striking down countless aristocrats during a dark and stormy night. 

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Via Entertainment Weekly