Primal and Samurai Jack Creator Reacts to the Current State of Adult Animation

Genndy Tartakovsky has become a legend in the medium that is North American animation, having started with more all-ages centric material such as Dexter's Laboratory and the earliest seasons of Samurai Jack. In recent years however, the animator has been diving far more into the world of adult animation, with his final season of Samurai Jack and the Adult Swim behemoth that is Primal, and Tartakovsky took the opportunity in a recent interview to discuss the boom of more mature animation.    

Having recently signed an exclusive contract with Cartoon Network, Genndy is currently working on a new animated series in Unicorn: Eternal Warrior, as well as a new adult, 2-D animated film dubbed Fixed. While premiere dates for both projects have yet to be revealed at this point, it's clear that the creator behind so many classic animated series is keeping busy. 

Tartakovsky had this to say when it came to the recent boom in adult animation, with the animator responsible for some of the best examples in the medium via Samurai Jack's bloody final season, Adult Swim's Primal, and his upcoming 2-D animated movie: 

"It seems like right now we're having a very good moment for adult animation, especially in Europe. I think it's really starting to break away from The Simpsons/Family Guy mold. Back when I was 18, my friends and I were hoping for more adult animated projects and now I feel that we are finally seeing the fruition of all those dreams. We are seeing this growth and move forward in that artistic direction."  

Primal was able to grab a lot of attention thanks to its beautiful animation along with gripping, emotional storytelling that followed a caveman and a dinosaur who found themselves teaming up with one another to survive their brutal environment. With the first season of the Adult Swim series ending on quite the cliffhanger, the second season is slated to tell an overarching story as both Spear and Fang search for the missing Mira. 

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Via Animation Magazine