Rick and Morty Team Breaks Down Rick and Jerry's Latest Team Up Episode

Rick and Morty has officially crossed the halfway point of the series' sixth season, and the staff behind the newest episode of the series have opened up about Rick's latest team up with Jerry for the season! One thing that fans have been able to look forward to in recent seasons is when Rick and Jerry have an adventure of their own without the other members of the Smith Family. Rick's antagonistic dynamic with Jerry fueled their previous team ups, but it was an interesting prospect this time around as Rick has notably been treating Jerry with a much lighter tone than before.

Episode 5 of Season 6, "Final DeSmithation" saw Rick end up helping Jerry when he gets a fortune cookie that tells him he's going to have sex with his mother. When Rick realizes that Jerry's probability has been changed in a strange way, the two of them investigate the source of the fortunes and end up going on a huge new mission where Rick has to fight off an entire army. Writer of the episode Heather Anne Campbell, series co-creator Dan Harmon, showrunner Scott Marder, and director Douglas Einar Olsen opened up about the team up in Adult Swim's Inside the Episode segment, and you can check it out below: 

As Campbell explained, Rick ends up helping Jerry because he takes the fortune so seriously despite the rest of his family making fun of him. But as Harmon explained about the subtext of their latest team up, Rick ends up more invested in Jerry's predicament because he finds out that Jerry's become the center of this wild new story. He can't truly wrap his head around the fact that someone's not coming after him specifically, and thus his drive throughout the episode was a lot more self serving than it seemed on the outset. 


But as Campbell further notes about the episode itself, while Jerry and Rick have gotten a little bit closer as a result of this episode in particular, it's also far from the two of them completely changing their dynamic as they go back to their old ways at the end of it all. But then again, this could all change as the series continues! But what did you think of Rick and Jerry's big team up in Season 6? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!