New Rick and Morty Preview Clip Teases "No Sci-Fi" in Next Episode

Rick and Morty has debuted a new preview clip for the next episode of Season 4, and it teases "no sci-fi bullsh*t." The episodes since its big return for the final half of Season 4 have deconstructed Rick and Morty in some pretty major ways. The episodes have examined the central duo through a few different meta lenses, but the rest of the cast had taken a back seat. This had been the case for the fourth season overall, with only a few stories sprinkled throughout highlighting the rest of the Smith Family. But that's gearing up to change with the next episode.

Rick and Morty Season 4, Episode 9 is titled "Childrick of Mort" and the preview for it teased that the Smith family would be going on a vacation in which they tried their best to stay away from their usual space shenanigans. This is taken to the next level with this new preview clip, which has Jerry asking Rick and the others to stay away from "sci-fi bullsh*t" and take a "bong rip of nature." Check it out:

Rick and Morty only has two episodes left before the fourth season comes to an end, so fans have already been wondering what that means for the currently in-progress fifth season. It's unfortunately seeming like it's going to be a much longer wait than expected thanks to the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Sarah Chalke, who voices Beth Smith in the series, went on record with her doubt over its progress due to the pandemic.

Chalke noted that while writing and other aspects of the production are being handled at the moment, the cast themselves have yet to begin recording or properly work out remote work for the series. But Rick and Morty fans have become accustomed to long waits for the series, and will most likely just chalk up these delays to the usual long wait for each episode.

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