Rick and Morty Star Unpacks Their Favorite Rick and Beth Season 6 Scene (Exclusive)

Rick And Morty's sixth season has seen the Smith Family struggling with some wild challenges, but it has also seen each member of the Adult Swim clan learning new truths about themselves at the same time. Perhaps no character has seen bigger changes during these latest episodes than Beth Smith, the matriarch of the family that had an unbelievable relationship with her own double, "Space Beth". Recently, we here at Comicbook.com had the opportunity to talk with the voice of Beth, Sarah Chalke, to talk about the favorite scene she shared with her fictional father, Rick Sanchez.

Rick and Beth's relationship hasn't always been sturdy, with previous seasons revealing that Rick Sanchez had made a clone of his daughter, creating two versions of the Smith's mother figure in the "regular Beth" and "Space Beth". While the former has been sticking around her family on Earth, the latter has been traversing the galaxy and amassing devices that put her on an even playing field with her father. To this day, we still don't know which Beth is the "real one", and that question might never be answered.

Will The Real Beth Smith Please Stand Up?

In chatting with Sarah Chalke, the actor revealed her favorite scene with Rick this season, where the two members of the Smith family come to an understanding that they might be closer to one another than they both originally thought:

"And one of my favorite scenes to record maybe in the entire season was when she goes in to talk to Rick [in "Bethic Twinstinct"] and she's kind of super embarrassed. They forgot the ice cream and then forgetting the ice cream becomes this metaphor and Rick's also done it. And then while all of this is happening, they're also taking the wire out of the space whale. And that's just a whole thing that doesn't even get discussed. But I feel like it's just an interesting moment between Rick and Beth."

Rick And Morty's sixth season has a few episodes left before the season finale arrives, and it should be interesting to see if Beth and Rick have any additional shared moments.


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