Smiling Friends Season 2 Marathon Announced

Adult Swim will be hosting a marathon with all of Smiling Friends' Season 2 episodes!

Smiling Friends Season 2 has officially ended its run this Spring, and Adult Swim is going to celebrate with a bang with a special marathon for all of its episode! Smiling Friends returned for its highly anticipated second season earlier this Spring, and with it was a massively popular return as one of the standout releases for the network of the year overall. With Smiling Friends doing much better with Adult Swim than the first season and even taking over the TV Shows chart on Max following its second season debut, fans were glued in to every new episode that hit. 

Smiling Friends Season 2 wrapped up its run with Adult Swim, but there will be a fun new way to check out the episodes soon enough. Adult Swim has announced that they will be airing a special marathon for the new season with a twist. Beginning on Friday, June 28th at midnight, Smiling Friends Season 2 will be airing all of its episodes in reverse order, meaning fans will get to start at the finale and end with the premiere episode when the marathon comes to an end. Check out the promo for the marathon below as spotted by Swimpedia on X. 

How to Watch Smiling Friends

If you wanted a different way to check out the newest episodes of the series, you can now find the two seasons of Smiling Friends (and "Go to Brazil" special released in between seasons) now streaming with Max. The first season is also available on Blu-ray, if you wanted to yet another way to check out how it all kicked off. Adult Swim teases Smiling Friends on a whole as Season 2 as such, "In season two of 'SMILING FRIENDS,' Pim, Charlie, Zongo, Allan and Glep continue their mission to bring happiness to the world, whether it's a washed-up retro video game character, a troubled marriage, or even the president of the United States."

Smiling Friends has announced that Season 3 is now in the works for Adult Swim, but a release window or date has yet to be set for the new episodes as of the time of this publication. With the success of the first two seasons, a third being ordered is no surprise. But what could end up being a surprise is the kinds of stories that we might see over the course of the animated series' future.