Sword Art Online Breaks Hearts with Tearful Kirito and Asuna Reunion

Sword Art Online: Alicization's War of Underworld arc introduced a major game changer with Kirito finally waking back up from his coma after all this time, and the newest episode really made sure to break hearts with Kirito and Asuna's tearful reunion. Asuna and Kirito have been apart throughout the entirety of the Alicization arc thus far, and things had been tough for Asuna as she has only seen Kirito's lifeless body in both the physical and digital worlds up to this point. But she was finally able to relax just a little bit more seeing Kirito awake again.

Episode 19 of the series picks up immediately from the cliffhanger which saw Kirito save Asuna and the others from Prisoner of Hell's attack. Kirito then proceeds to fight Prisoner of Hell alone and demonstrated much of the new strength he had gathered by piecing himself together with many of the past forms of himself alongside an additional boost of power from Eugeo. Following the fight, Asuna finally is able to meet with Kirito again.

She had been holding herself back as Kirito fought, but with Prisoner of Hell defeated she was finally able to feel that much needed relief seeing Kirito alive and well again. Rushing to hug him, the two of them embrace with a tearful reunion that was definitely the much needed catharsis both Asuna and fans needed after well over a year of them being split apart by Kirito's multiple injuries.

Although Kirito and Asuna were finally reunited, it is far from the totally happy ending that they were hoping for as there is still one major fight to be had in order to save Alice and the rest of Underworld. But at least now that Kirito and Asuna are both stronger than ever, it's going to take quite a lot to bring the both of them down.

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