The Promised Neverland Creators Share New One-Shot, Spirit Photographer Saburo Kono

The Promised Neverland has got anime fans on their tiptoes despite the manga ended earlier this year. Co-creators Kaiu Shirai and Posuke Demizu ended their hit manga not too-too long ago, but the pair aren't done working together. After all, they just did a manga one-shot for Shonen Jump, and their new story is certainly a spooky one.

Shueisha released the special one-shot this week through MANGA Plus and Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump vault. The 45-page special is titled Spirit Photographer Saburo Kono, and it seems to be a hit with fans.

The supernatural story follows a character named Saburo Kono, and they do spiritual photography. The practice is one that dates back centuries as some believe spiritual entities can be caught on film. The use of spirit photography has been used by paranormal experts for a long time, and this one-shot follows its hero as they begin documenting spiritual activity in an apartment.

spirit photographer mangga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Currently, there is no plan to turn this manga into anything more than a one-shot. Posuke and Demizu certainly fleshed out a compelling story with this special, but the question stands whether it can stand up to Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine is a genuine institution when it comes to the genre. The Promised Neverland did fit with the fandom easily thanks to its surprising action sequences. If this new series could do the same, Shueisha might have another Bleach on its hands, but that doesn't seem to be the plan... that is, at least for now.


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