The Promised Neverland Reveals Krone's Tragic Backstory

The Promised Neverland has revealed Krone's tragic backstory. Just as they did for a special [...]

The Promised Neverland has revealed Krone's tragic backstory. Just as they did for a special prequel chapter all about Ray, series writer Kaiu Shirai and illustrator Posuka Demizu teamed up once more to return to The Promised Neverland universe to share yet another look into the past of one of its characters that didn't quite get much time in the original run of the series. Krone served as one of the main antagonists of the Jailbreak arc of the series, but because of her late addition to the franchise fans did not get a good look into what makes her tick.

This has all changed with the newest special chapter released for the series that fleshes her out just a bit more now that the series has completed. With The Promised Neverland originally showing glimpses of the tragic path Krone took to try and become a Mom and keep herself alive, this special chapter actually gave fans a more concrete look at her past.

The chapter begins shortly after Krone fought her way to become one of the Mom candidates in-training. As the young Krone is trying her best to survive, she reunites with another girl who also lived at her same farm, Cecile. Cecile warns her not to show weakness because of how few of these girls actually become Sisters, let alone Moms, and this is enough to lift Krone's fears until she learns that only one of her class will advance to the Sister level.

Thus she and Cecile begin plotting how to escape thanks to a special map being created by previous generations of would be escapees that passed down their knowledge bit by bit after their respective deaths. The two then decide to enact their plan when they see another girl failing to escape and killed for it. But when Krone tries their plan, it's revealed that Cecile had betrayed her as she attempts to rat her out to Grandmother.

The Promised Neverland Krone Backstory Prequel Manga
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Instead of this working in her favor, Cecile is instead revealed to be the culprit as Grandmother finds the map that she had been working with and she is killed. Krone then works her way up to becoming the Sister we see in the main series, and before she's killed a flashback reveals that Cecile had planned all of this to help Krone make it to the Sister position and give her the cold-blooded edge needed to survive that she lacked before.

The special chapter ends right after Krone is killed in the main series, and she and Cecile once again meet in the afterlife. While we essentially got the abbreviated version of her back story in The Promised Neverland's official run, this special chapter reveals that Krone indeed had a core of kindness in her that we didn't get to fully see in action in the main series.

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