Universal Studios Unveils New Wave of Anime Attractions

Universal Studios Japan isn't just known for having the first Super Mario World attraction opening within its borders, which is also set to make its way to the West in 2023, it also has created several different anime attractions throughout the years. With the likes of Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and more often receiving rides, and sometimes entire parts of the park dedicated to each franchise, Universal Studios Japan is set to have another major year in 2022 as it once again introduces the "Universal Cool Japan" event featuring some heavy anime hitters.

The park has opened its doors on several major attractions not just within the world of anime, but also in the world of gaming via its theme park attraction of Monster Hunter World: Icerborne, as the anime attractions are set to stay open until August 28th. The first video has been released for the aforementioned Monster Hunter ride, which actually requires park participants to carry heavy weapons with them as they attempt to recreate some of the biggest battles of the Capcom franchise:

The Attack on Titan ride will certainly get a lot of attention with the series finale set to air this Sunday April 3rd, with Attack on Titan XR first opening its doors in 2020 but running into some problems thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic which affected the park, and many others around the world, as a whole:

Case Closed, aka Detective Conan, actually has four different attractions that are set up in Universal Studios Japan, including the roller coaster "Hollywood Dream The Ride", an escape room appropriately titled "The Escape", a park-wide mystery titled "Mystery Challenge", and even a dining experience dubbed "Mystery Restaurant":

Hunter x Hunter might still be on hiatus when it comes to its manga, but fans can experience it in a brand new way via "Hunter x Hunter The Real 4D" which will place participants directly into a fight between Gon and Hisoka:

Finally, the Sailor Moon attraction, "Moon Palace Chapter Deluxe" once again makes a return following the arrival of the ride in 2019, which gave fans an entirely new adventure for the Sailor Scouts to follow:

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