Shonen Jump Creators and Staff Share Tributes to Yu-Gi-Oh's Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-Gi-Oh's original franchise creator Kazuki Takahashi unfortunately passed away earlier this month, and the creators and staff from Shueisha's various magazines have shared their condolences paying tribute to the famed creator. It was unfortunately announced earlier this month that Takahashi had died at the age of 60 following a terrible accident, and thus both fans and creators have been mourning the loss ever since. As expected, it's a huge loss for those at Shueisha that the creator closely worked with, and they were able to share their thoughts on the loss with a special new tribute to the creator in the newest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. 

Not only did Shueisha include a special message from all of their editorial departments for Kazuki Takahashi, but many of the creators offered their condolences as well. This included messages from the likes of One Piece's Eiichiro Oda, My Hero Academia's Kohei Horikoshi, Mashle: Magic and Muscles' Hajime Komoto, and more. The official statement from Shueisha's editorial departments from Weekly Shonen Jump, V-Jump, Saikyo Jump, and the Shonen Jump+ app reads as follows:

(Photo: Shueisha)

"We regret to inform that Kazuki Takahashi, a manga artist who published many works in Jump magazines, has sadly passed away. The entire editorial staff at Shueisha is deeply saddened by this sudden news. His most representative masterpiece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, has fascinated children not only in Japan but all over the world, and has taught them how to overcome hard situations through dreams, hopes, and a strong spirit. We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to him for his incredible achievements and pray for his soul to peacefully rests." 

"Yu-Gi-Oh! is a revolution of manga!! Fans will always continue to have fun in the world that Takahashi Sensei created. Rest in peace!" said One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda. My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi stated, "I'm in shock. Rest in peace, Takahashi Sensei." Mashle: Magic and Muscles creator Hajime Komoto shared, "I played Yu-Gi-Oh! constantly when I was a child. I truly hope that his journey is a peaceful one." And finally, Witch Watch creator Kenta Shinohara stated, "I was lost for words at the sudden news. Kazuki Takahashi Sensei, rest in peace." offers our condolences to Kazuki Takahashi's family, friends, and loved ones in this terrible time. Let us know about how the creator's work impacted you in the comments!