Lynda Carter Does Her Wonder Woman Twirl To Support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The United States is mere hours away from casting their ballots in the 2020 presidential election and with Election Day upon us, many celebrities and influential figures are getting their message out one last time hoping to encourage voters to vote early where they can, vote in general, and in many cases, throw their support behind a specific candidate. Among those doing all three is Lynda Carter. Wonder Woman herself took to social media recently doing her Wonder Woman twirl to throw her support behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

On Twitter, Carter posted a video clip of herself wearing a Biden Harris t-shirt while doing the iconic transformation spin from the classic Wonder Woman television series. While Carter's post makes it clear who she supports in the election and who she thinks others should vote for as well, she also encouraged people to vote early as well as to locate their polling place in advance of Election Day.

"This week, I'm spinning into my best superhero gear!" Carter wrote. "Walk, run, or spin on down to the polls and vote early for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if you haven't already voted by mail! Find your polling place:"

This isn't the first time that Carter has encouraged voting. In early October, she took to social media with a "VOTE" mask while also wearing her Wonder Woman gauntlets to remind Arizona voters about the start of that state's early voting, giving voters a "mission" to get their ballots in early.

"Arizona! Early voting starts TODAY 10/7. Your mission: get those ballots in early, whether voting by mail or in person. We need record turnout! Tell me your early voting plans in replies & share this info in your networks! #DemCastAZ," Carter wrote.

Carter isn't the only celebrity from the superhero corner of things who has thrown their support behind the Biden Harris ticket, either. Batman star Michael Keaton also endorsed the former Vice President in recent weeks, releasing a video urging people in his home state of Pennsylvania to vote for Biden.

"You can act like you don't want to listen to me and I wouldn't blame you, but let's be honest… I'm frigging Batman," Keaton said in his video. "When this pandemic occurred, the current occupant of the White House had the information that could have saved lives and helped not just Pennsylvania, but people all across the county." He added, "I couldn't sleep at night if I walked into that booth and didn't vote for Joe Biden."


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