Apex Legends Confirms Season 9 Lifeline Nerf

Apex Legends Season 9 is nerfing Lifeline in some very specific ways, but it will also buff the character in others. For now, it remains to be seen which will outweigh the other, but details of the nerf and buff come shortly after confirmation that a Revenant buff is in the works and likely coming during Season 9 as well. In short, it seems like it's going to be a busy season.

Speaking about the character and Season 9, which is set to begin in May, over on Reddit, John Larson, who works on the game as a Live Balance Designer, confirmed that they are increasing the character's tactical healing speed by 60 percent and buffing the Care Package to give guaranteed upgrades. However, these pair of buffs will be accompanied by the removal of the character's revival shield.


Of course, depending on your playstyle, the buffs may outweigh the nerf here, but it's a pretty substantial nerf, though not an unexpected one.

On one hand, the 60 percent increase in healing speed is appreciable and substantial. It's also a much-needed improvement. However, while the Care Package change is also much-needed it doesn't change the fact that the Care Package is still very risky to use, especially in certain parts of map.


That said, it's worth noting all of this could change by the time Season 9 releases on May 4. And of course, none of it could change. Typically, game balance is something that changes constantly, especially in the testing phase, but with Season 9 less than a month away, it's safe to assume if any changes are made to these buffs and nerf, they won't be major ones.

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