Balan Wonderworld Underperforms According to Global Sales Report

Balan Wonderworld is out in the world and the sales numbers are a bit disappointing. A new report from PlayStation Lifestyle shows that the game didn't even crack the top 30 of the Nintendo Switch eShop charts in North America. The story in Japan is just as dire as the title only moved about 2,100 units over in that market/ This week, the United Kingdom sales charts offer the most dismal picture as it didn't get into the top 40 titles, and there are multiple games that have been on that ladder for more than 100 weeks. So, things have not been going well for the Square Enix title in any way shape or form. The designs are still top-notch, but there's so much more to be worried about.

Noriyoshi Fujimoto produced the game and he wrote about the effort that went into the title. Check out what he had to say.

"I've spoken to you today about both the negative and the positive, as well as finding the balance in our hearts. Staying true to the nature of BALAN WONDERWORLD, I would like for us to follow in the footsteps of the enigmatic maestro, Balan, and find balance within our own heart," Fujimoto explained. "Especially when it comes to addressing feedback that we've received from our demo."

He continued, "There's been a wide range of opinions and responses to the demo, and unfortunately at the current stage of development, it simply isn't feasible to reflect every piece of feedback into the game. However, to offer you all a more balanced gameplay experience, we will be implementing a day one patch for the full game."'s Evan Valentine reviewed Balan Wonderworld for the site. The title just didn't pull through in trying to manifest the promise from the initial art reveals.


"Balan Wonderworld prides itself on being a three-dimensional platformer that allows the player to call upon several powers from scores of costumes, and on paper, that sounds well and good, but in execution, the video game from Square Enix is definitely in the running for "Worst Video Game of 2021." From simplistic gameplay to frustrating controls to confusing objectives, Balan Wonderworld is never quite sure what kind of video game it is trying to be and in that, it loses any potential for the bizarrely surreal story that it is attempting to weave."

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