Days Gone Actor Thanks Fans for Continued Support of the Game

It's been a pretty big past week if you're a fan of PlayStation's Days Gone. Not only did the [...]

It's been a pretty big past week if you're a fan of PlayStation's Days Gone. Not only did the unfortunate news come about that a sequel to the 2019 open-world game likely isn't going to happen in the future, but the upcoming PC port also had its release date revealed. In the midst of all of this news for Days Gone once again coming about, one of the most notable faces attached to the project has expressed his gratitude to fans.

In a recent message shared on social media, Sam Witwer, who plays Deacon St. John in Days Gone, told fans that he continues to appreciate the love that the game receives. "I'm very grateful for how strongly people feel about Days Gone," Witwer said simply on Twitter. The message was one that was met with a litany of responses from people telling Witwer how much they enjoyed playing the game.

In a follow-up post, Witwer went on to reveal some information about Days Gone and his character that many fans likely haven't heard about before. Witwer explained that at first, Deacon was what he described as a "real mean bastard." However, over time, it looks as though Witwer and writer/director John Garvin ended up changing the character's demeanor. "John Garvin pulled back on the mean-throttle in editorial," Witwer went on to say.

As a whole, it has to be nice for Witwer to see such a renewed interest in Days Gone over the past few weeks. Not only have fans loudly been making their voices heard in regard to the desire for a sequel, but the excitement for the PC port seems quite palpable. As we continue to approach the PC version's release, I imagine that love and excitement will only continue to grow.

Days Gone is currently available to play on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. If you're holding out for the PC iteration though, you won't have a whole lot longer left to wait. That version is slated to drop in a little over a month on May 18.

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