Sony Says Demon's Souls PS5 Remake Is "Absolutely Beautiful" and "Stunning"

The Demon’s Souls remake revealed days ago for the PlayStation 5 already looks like a monumental [...]

The Demon's Souls remake revealed days ago for the PlayStation 5 already looks like a monumental improvement from the original by graphics alone, and those who've played the game said it's "absolutely beautiful" and is "stunning." Those comments come from Eric Lempel, the head of global marketing and consumer experience at PlayStation. Lempel said he's not only been able to see the game but has also been able to play it. He added that those who are familiar with Demon's Souls will be amazed by the remake, and for those who aren't this will be the way to experience it.

Lempel talked about Demon's Souls and other games revealed during the PlayStation 5 event in the latest episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast. Notable moments from that episode were pulled out of the podcast and shared on the PlayStation Blog in a post that looked to dig deeper into the PlayStation 5 announcements. After touching on some other games like the return of the Horizon franchise with Horizon Forbidden West, Lempel spoke about Demon's Souls and gave some insights on his time with the game.

"There was another big one in there, people have been looking for it for years," Lempel said. "And that was the Demon's Souls remake… I've been fortunate enough to see it, and play it just a bit. It's absolutely beautiful, it's stunning. When people see this… especially if they're fans, they'll be amazed. And if they haven't played it, this is the way to do it."

The game originally came out in 2009 and was the predecessor to Dark Souls, the game many people will think of first when they compare other games' punishing combat systems to that of the Souls series. While Dark Souls refined the Demon's Souls formula and smoothed out some edges to make it more appealing to a broader audience, Demon's Souls is still a treasured game to those who started with it.

Dark Souls has been remastered in the past, but this Demon's Souls project is a full remake. It's being handled by Bluepoint Games, the same group responsible for remaking Shadow of the Colossus.

The Demon's Souls remake does not yet have a release date but is planned for a release on the PlayStation 5.