Dungeons & Dragons Set Photos Show Off a Full Adventuring Party of Stars

New set photos from the Dungeons & Dragons movie appear to show a full adventuring party gathered [...]

New set photos from the Dungeons & Dragons movie appear to show a full adventuring party gathered together, including our best look yet at Justice Smith and Michelle Rodriguez in costume. The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie wrapped up filming yesterday at Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland, and multiple British newspapers including RTE and the Daily Mail published photos of the cast in between scenes. The new photos include full looks at Sophia Lillis and Justice Smith in costume, along with Michelle Rodriguez carrying a very hefty looking battle axe. You can check out the photos below, courtesy of the Forgotten Realms Wiki, which has also been tracking progress of the film:

Interestingly, it appears that Lillis will be playing a tiefling in the upcoming movie as her costume has her with horns. Tieflings are a playable character race with infernal or fiendish ancestry, which gives them a devil-like appearance. Tieflings often have innate magical abilities, which could mean that Lillis will be playing a magic wielder of some kind.

Meanwhile, Smith's costume consists of a short cape and a belt with several pouches and knick-knacks. Given that Chris Pine is heavily rumored to be playing a "rogue-like" character and Rodriguez's costume suggests that she's playing a barbarian, our best guess is that Smith is playing a bard or another kind of magic user.

While almost all of the named stars of Dungeons & Dragons have appeared on set over the past few weeks, one notable absence is Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page. It's certainly possible that Page isn't in any of the scenes filmed at various historic locations throughout the UK, but we're beginning to wonder whether his role is either a voiceover role or involves some kind of CGI. That's mere speculation on our part, although at this point we've seen most of the other cast in costume and on set.

Dungeons & Dragons is set to be released in theaters on March 3, 2023.