New Fall Guys Game Mode Is All About Big Yeetus

Fall Guys players have a new game mode to try out for the next week that’s all about one of the most popular additions to the game. The game mode is called “Big Yeetus Tour,” and as the name suggests, it’s centered entirely around the Big Yeetus hammer that smacks players around without any care for where they are in the course or how close they were to victory. It can be a friend or a foe, and for the next week, you can get to know it well in Fall Guys if you’re not already acquainted.

The Fall Guys Twitter account teased the addition of the new game mode this week before unveiling it on Saturday. Like other game modes we’ve seen before this one, it’s basically a playlist that consists of different rounds that feature a common theme, this week’s theme being Big Yeetus. It’s live as of Saturday and is scheduled to be available for one week, so players who want to try it out will need to get in as much time with the game mode as they can before it’s swapped out for another mode.

Big Yeetus was joined by Thicc Bonkus in Season 2 of Fall Guys to give players even more challenges and variables to overcome in the traditional rounds. Thicc Bonkus is more of a hinderance than anything, but Big Yeetus can be used to players’ advantages if they time their contact with the swinging hammer correctly. Many players have shown already how advantageous it can be if you trust in Big Yeetus, but it’s also pretty common to see someone go flying off the course when they try to utilize the feature.


This is also one of several game modes that have been added to the game as products of community suggestions. Past game modes like this one which were suggested by Fall Guys players include one called “Star Show” which had its own set of recurring levels as well as a “Hard Mode” that included only the most challenging variations of different levels. Once this Big Yeetus Tour mode is gone, we’ll likely see another community-created one take its place.