Big GTA 6 Rumor Finally Confirmed as False

A big GTA 6 rumor from earlier this year has been deconfirmed. As you may remember, there was speculation that Rockstar Games had recruited Dr. Dre to be a character in GTA 6. And maybe this will end up being true, but the "leak" the rumor based all of its speculation on has been proven false, or at least it's been seemingly proven false. The speculation began back in July when it was discovered that Take-Two Interactive, which is the parent company of Rockstar Games, registered "" as a domain. Seeing this, Grand Theft Auto fans speculated that Dr. Dre and Rockstar Games were once again working together, and it looks like they are, but not on GTA 6 like many theorized. 

Taking to Twitter, Rockstar Games insider Tez2 pointed out that it looks like Rockstar Games and Dr. Dre are indeed working together again, but the collaboration is for GTA Online, and an update coming this December. 

It's still possible that Dr. Dre will have music in GTA 6 or be featured as a character, depending on when the game is set. In fact, considering how much the two are working together, it's not just possible, but probable there will be collaboration for GTA 6. However, right now, there's no evidence of this. 

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