GTA 6 Insider Gives Grand Theft Auto Fans Release Information

After announcing Grand Theft Auto VI earlier this year, Rockstar has said zip about the game, which is presumably in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and possibly PC as well. According to a few rumors from a few different sources, this will change this year with a reveal trailer. Until this happens, there's new speculation about when the game could release, courtesy of Tom Henderson, a prominent industry insider, and leaker who has shown to have good information about the long-awaited game in the past. 

Taking to Twitter, Henderson relays words that he expects the game to release sometime between 2024 and 2025, which lines up with what we've heard here and there. We've always heard 2024, with the caveat that a delay into 2025 is a real possibility thanks to previous development issues due to the pandemic and the potential for more. We've also heard that the game could be positioned for a 2023 release with the internal intention of shipping in 2024.

Unfortunately, this is the extent we've heard about when the game will release and it seems to be the extent of what Henderson has heard as it's all he has said about the matter. As for what Rockstar Games has had to say about all of this, well, it's had nothing to say and it's unlikely this will change as it never comments on rumors and speculation. That said, if for some reason this expectation is bucked and it does chime in, we will update the story accordingly.


Grand Theft Auto VI is currently in development at Rockstar Games. There's no official word of a release date or release window, nor platforms. In fact, the game hasn't even been unveiled yet. Until this happens, be sure to catch up on the latest rumors, leaks, and speculation pertaining to the title by clicking right here.