Halo Infinite Reveals First Look at New Multiplayer Content

Xbox and 343 Industries have revealed our first look at Halo Infinite's multiplayer content on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. That said, our first look at multiplayer in the 2021 game doesn't come the way of a new trailer or anything hype-inducing, but a look at the first multiplayer weapon skins for four different guns in the game: Battle Rifle BR75, Assault Rifle MA40, Commando Rifle VK78, and the Pistol MK50 Sidekick. As you may know, we've already seen a couple of these weapons in previous trailers and gameplay footage, but some of this also serves as a weapons reveal.

As for the weapon skins, they are Monster Energy Drink-inspired, meaning they boast a green and black look. Each skin is associated with the upcoming Bank Now, Save Later campaign. In addition to revealing the skins, 343 Industries and Xbox provided brief descriptions of each weapon:

  • Adrenal BR75 Weapon Coating: An extraordinarily versatile weapon, with a wide variety of engagement ranges.
  • Adrenal MA40 Weapon Coating: Lethally efficient at close-quarters combat, this weapon commands respect with a bold design.
  • Adrenal VK78 Commando Weapon Coating: Ergonomic, reliable, and fully automatic, this weapon reveals a carbon black chassis with metallic green highlights.
  • Adrenal MK50 Sidekick Weapon Coating: Powerful, yet compact, this weapon skin wraps the powerful sidearm in carbon black and metallic greens.

As for when we will see Halo Infinite's multiplayer proper, who knows. Unfortunately, neither Xbox or 343 Industries have said anything about a multiplayer reveal, but there's a good chance it will be held until 2021 depending on when the game releases.

Halo Infinite is currently slated to release worldwide sometime in 2021 via the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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