Nintendo Switch Price Cut Reportedly Coming Next Week

The Nintendo Switch is reportedly getting its first official price cut since releasing in 2017 and ahead of the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED. Gaming on Nintendo consoles is often more expensive than gaming on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Not only does the hardware take longer to drop in price, but the best Nintendo Switch games, the ones straight from Nintendo itself, rarely go on sale, and if they do, it's nothing to write home to Mother 3 about.

The report comes the way of "Nintend'Alerts," who relays word that come Monday Nintendo will announce that the Nintendo Switch's price in France will drop from €329 to €270, which is a pretty hefty price cut. Right now, there's no word this will happen in other regions, but it's highly unlikely a price cut of this size will be made in just one region. 

If this price cut does come to the North American market, it should mean the Nintendo Switch will drop from $300 to $250, which of course may have a domino effect and drop the price of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

For now, none of this has been validated. While the source in question has proven reliable and reputable in the past, it doesn't change the fact that this is all unofficial information. Of course, Nintendo could provide a comment addressing the report, and squash speculation in the process, but it's unlikely this will happen. It almost never comments on reports, and if it is true, it's just going to hold until its official announcement on Monday. That said, if Nintendo does budge and address the report, we will update the story accordingly. 

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