Oscar Isaac Gives Update on Metal Gear Solid Movie

Oscar Isaac has offered a new update on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. The film has been in development for many, many years, but 2018 – 2020 gave fans hope that the movie could actually be happening. Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been attached to the movie since 2014 and in that aforementioned period, some solid movement began to take place. Vogt-Roberts shared concept art from the Metal Gear Solid film, giving fans an idea of how much the movie would adhere to the games that it's based on and who would possibly play some of the lead roles.

Sadly, things have gone a bit quiet on the project. At the end of 2020, Star Wars and Moon Knight actor Oscar Isaac signed on to play Solid Snake, the main character of several Metal Gear Solid games. Ever since then, there haven't been any major or notable developments about the production. Oscar Isaac told IGN that the film is just looking for its story at the moment, meaning the movie seemingly doesn't have a completed script. This may come as a bit of a surprise to those who have been keeping up with the film. In 2019, Jordan Vogt-Roberts had turned in a draft of the script for the Metal Gear Solid film, but they may have decided to go in a new direction since Isaac signed on.

Whatever the case may be, Isaac's statement certainly makes it sound like the film isn't dead and things are still actively progressing. Oscar Isaac previously stated that he was interested in the Metal Gear Solid film because of how the game made him feel when he played it and its strong anti-war themes. Given how dense and layered the Hideo Kojima-made games are, it's certainly a difficult story to adapt into just a 2-hour movie. Nonetheless, a valiant effort is being made to try and bring it to life.

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