PlayStation Plus Users Get More Free Fortnite Skins

PlayStation Plus subscribers have gotten yet another free pack of Fortnite gear this week a part [...]

PlayStation Plus subscribers have gotten yet another free pack of Fortnite gear this week a part of an ongoing promotion between Sony and Epic Games. Like the PlayStation Plus Celebration Packs we've seen in the past, this one comes with a mix of cosmetics that this time include one outfit and one Back Bling for players to add to their lockers. The PlayStation Plus pack is totally free as well so long as you're subscribed to the service, and you can download it now if you need some new cosmetics.

The PlayStation Plus deal for Fortnite players that's available this time can be found in the PlayStation Store under Fortnite's various add-ons if you're looking for it. Twitter user iFireMonkey who routinely keeps up with these sorts of Fortnite updates and more shared a preview of the skins that can be seen below so you can check them out before you get them. The skin is called the "Cloud Striker Outfit" while the other cosmetic is the "Elevation Back Bling."

Unlike some of the other PlayStation Plus giveaways such as the free games that are available every month, you don't need a persistent PlayStation Plus subscription to hold onto this content after downloading it. That means that if you get it now and your PlayStation Plus subscription lapses for a time, you'll still own the latest Fortnite skins. Fortnite's Celebration Packs routinely cycle out their content for other skins and cosmetics though, so you'll want to be sure to get this one while it's available before the game moves on to something else.

With how many skins this season of Fortnite has, however, players may have a hard time finding an opportunity to use these cosmetics over others. Skins from things like The Walking Dead, the Halo games, and even a Kratos skin from the God of War series have all been added in Fortnite Season 5 to give players tons of options to choose from. New Marvel and DC skins also leaked not long ago, so it looks like those reveals aren't ending anytime soon.