PlayStation Plus Free Games for March Come With Disappointing Caveat

PlayStation Plus free games for March 2021 create a killer lineup, but the lineup does come with one disappointing caveat. Yesterday, Sony announced March's PlayStation Plus games coming to subscribers on PS4 and PS5. Headlining the offering is Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which not only just released last year, but is one of the PS4's best games. Bolstering the RPG is 2019 sleeper hit Remnant: From the Ashes, a brand new release in the form of Maquette, and Farpoint, which is one of PlayStation VR's best games to date. March's free PlayStation Plus games come together to create one of the best lineups since the service's inception, but there's a caveat.

On PS4, all owners of Final Fantasy 7 Remake can upgrade to the PS5 version when it releases for free. However, if you download the game for free on PlayStation Plus, you won't be able to upgrade to the PS5 version, well, not for free at least.

On the surface level this is disappointing, but to be fair to Sony and Square Enix, it makes sense. You're already giving away the PS4 version for free, and you may leave those who bought it on PS4 last year with a bad taste in their mouth if others not only get this version for free, but also the PS5 version.

Thankfully, this is the only caveat for PlayStation Plus subscribers, at least this month. Next month, subscribers will be treated to another brand new release, Oddworld: Soulstorm. However, while the game is releasing on PS4, it's only the PS5 version that will be free.


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