PlayStation VR2 Trailer Shows Off Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and More

PlayStation has released a new promo trailer for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 that shows off the specifications of the device as well as footage from video games like Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village. It's basically just a bunch of footage from various titles confirmed for the PS VR2 that is broadly in line with the commercials PlayStation released leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 5.

More specifically, the promo video specifically hypes up the upcoming headset's 4K HDR display, eye-tracking technology that follows the player's vision, foveated rendering, 110-degree field of view, and more. Some of it is specifically noted as not being actual gameplay, but the vast majority seems to be pulled from actual PS VR2 titles set to release for the new hardware. You can check out the new PlayStation VR2 trailer, titled "Feel a New Real," for yourself embedded below:

While the new PlayStation VR2 trailer is well and good, it follows a bit of bad news from the company about the device. "PS VR games are not compatible with PS VR2, because PS VR2 is designed to deliver a truly next-generation VR experience," said Hideaki Nishino, SVP of Platform Experience, as part of a recent appearance on the official PlayStation podcast. "PS VR2 has much more advanced features like all-new controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as I said, and inside-out tracking, eye-tracking in it, 3D audio is coming together [...] So this means, developing games for PS VR2 requires a whole different approach than the original PS VR. These features actually enable developers to create the worlds that feel more vivid and alive and bring players closer to the gameplay experience than ever."

It is currently unclear when the PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation VR2 Sense controller will actually release. PlayStation has given the release window of "early 2023" thus far with no definitive date attached. As noted above, however, the specifications for the device have already been released. You can check out all of our previous coverage of PlayStation's VR attempts right here.

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