Pokemon Go's Genesect Gets a Powerful Fire-type Attack

Pokemon Go's newest variant of Genesect comes with a powerful Fire-type attack that should be useful in PvP battles. Pokemon Go is launching its new Unova Celebration event this week, which features a new Genesect variant. While Genesect's core typing remains the same (Bug/Steel-type), this new version of Genesect holds a Burn Drive, which gives it access to the Fire-type version of Technoblast. Technoblast is Genesect's signature move in the core Pokemon games and typically changes type based on what drive the Pokemon is holding. Since Pokemon Go doesn't have the mechanics for changing Pokemon forms (or changing the types of Pokemon attacks), players will instead have to capture an entirely new Genesect if they want to add the Fire-type move Technoblast to its arsenal.

The main perk of having Burn Drive Genesect comes in PvP play. The move deals out a whopping 120 damage at the cost of 55 energy, putting it on the higher end of attacks when considering "damage per energy" efficiency. Other comparable Fire-type attacks like Overheat come with severe drawbacks such as power debuffs, which makes the Fire-type Technoblast all that more appealing. While Genesect doesn't benefit from a same type attack bonus (STAB) for using Technoblast, it's still strong enough to use to clear out a lot of popular Pokemon in all three levels of Pokemon GO League play. Burn Drive Genesect is an immediate upgrade over Scizor and can be used to wipe out tons of different Steel and Ice-type Pokemon. Burn Drive Genesect is immediately usable in Great and Ultra League, and it may even see some niche usage in Master League as well.

To grab Burn Drive Genesect, you'll need to complete a 5-Star Raid during this week's Unova Celebration Event. The Pokemon is only scheduled to appear during this event, so take advantage while you can. The Unova Celebration Event runs through Sunday, January 10th at 8 PM local time.

Pokemon Go players can also expect a busy month of January events, with other celebrations for Pokemon regions and other surprises. Players can also expect a Machop Community Day, and participate in a new contest to turn your avatar into an in-game NPC. All of these events are building towards the special Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto event, which will take place in February and will feature the chance to get Shiny versions of all 150 original Pokemon, plus a chance to grab a Shiny Mew.