Pokemon Go Releases New Kalos Trailer

Pokemon Go has released a new trailer focusing on the latest Pokemon added to the game. The new 30-second trailer shows a number of Pokemon from the Kalos region gathering together on screen, showing off their various personalities. In addition to Pokemon like Froakie, Bunnelby, and Noibat, which are available now as part of Pokemon Go's Kalos Celebration event, the trailer also shows off the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde, the only three new Legendary Pokemon associated with the Kalos region. You can check out the trailer above.

Pokemon Go added the Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y earlier this week as part of its major "GO Beyond" update, with a week-long celebration event to give players a boosted chance of collecting them all. The new Pokemon are just one aspect of the new "GO Beyond" update. The game also launched its first themed season, the Season of Celebration, which will bring more themed events and seasonal Pokemon to the game. Pokemon Go also increased the Level Cap to Level 50, bringing new challenges to high level players. A number of other smaller changes were also implemented, such as increased XP for catching Pokemon, more Stardust for catching certain species of Pokemon, and buffs to certain types of Berries.

Players can participate in the Kalos Celebration event through December 8th, and more events are planned throughout the month. Not only is this month's Community Day event bring back every Community Day Pokemon from over the last year, Pokemon Go has also teased several holiday events, including the arrival of Galarian Mr. Mime and its evolved form Mr. Rime. Throughout the month, players can also battle the Legendary Pokemon Kyurem along with Mega Abomasnow in raids.

Pokemon Go's Kalos Celebration event will continue on through December 8th.