Pokemon Go Promises More Poke Balls in New Trailer

Pokemon Go has teased that players would get more Poke Balls from Poke Stops in a new 30-second trailer. The trailer, released on social media earlier today, features high-tech trailer trucks filled with Poke Balls traveling across the world and passing by various Poke Stops, while a series of captions declares that more Poke Balls were coming and that players would need those Poke Balls to capture the new Pokemon recently added to the game. You can check out the trailer below:

Pokemon Go players noticed yesterday that Poke Stops were giving out one more item than they usually did, but it's unclear if this commercial references that change or if even more item distribution changes are coming. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon Go has made it a little easier to get core items, with daily giveaways of items, more Gift openings, and the ability to spin Poke Stops from an increased distance. The new items will also make it easier to complete certain tasks needed to level up past Level 40, including a task that requires players to catch 100 Pokemon in a single day.

Pokemon Go is rolling out its GO Beyond update this week, which has brought tons of changes both big and small to the game. Including smaller changes such as increasing the number of Poke Balls given out by Poke Stops, the update has also added new Kalos Pokemon, overhauled the competitive GO Battle League, and changed the way some items work. You can check out the new updates in the game right now.