Demon's Souls Will Make Great Use of Helpful PS5 Feature

Ever since Sony revealed its new “Activities” feature for the PlayStation 5 where players can get built-in tips and how-to videos for new games on the console, people have joked that the Activities would be put to good use in Demon’s Souls. The difficult and dense nature of those sorts of games means players often get stuck or need some sort of hint on where to go next or how to take down a certain enemy. Based on the estimate of how many Activities we now know will be in Demon’s Souls, it sounds like those jokes had some truth behind them.

The Washington Post spoke to Gavin Moore, the creative director on the Demon’s Souls remake, who commented on the use of Activities in the new game. Moore said that in Demon’s Souls alone, we’ll see over 180 different videos in the Activities interface that’ll instruct players in completing different tasks and challenges.

It’s hard to get a perspective for just how many videos and Activities that is compared to other games since other developers haven’t come out and listed how many Activities their games will have, but the fact that the number was highlighted at all suggests that that’s an atypical number for a PlayStation 5 game. With that many Activities and videos built into the game, it means that players should seldom have to leave the UI itself to go online and look up a solution. If you’re stumped about something, you can check the Activities overlay to see if there’s something there to help you.

Of course, Demon’s Souls was and likely will still be a heavily community-based game through collaboration within the game and outside of it as well, so players will definitely still be seeking help outside of the Activities anyway. For those who already struggled through the original Demon’s Souls run and don’t need as many tips now or those who want to have more purist runs through the game without assistance, the Activities are of course entirely optional which means you never have to consult those guide videos if you don’t want to.

For those who want the Activities and maybe a little extra, Demon’s Souls is releasing with a Digital Deluxe Edition that comes with bonus content to give players a head start. Whether you’re starting with that or going in with nothing extra as you did when the original Demon’s Souls released, you can check out the latest gameplay trailer here to see what some of the remade bosses will look like.