Did PlayStation Just Reveal the PS5 Boot-Up Sound?

Did PlayStation just reveal the PS5 boot-up sound without anyone noticing? This week, Sony [...]

Did PlayStation just reveal the PS5 boot-up sound without anyone noticing? This week, Sony announced a new PS5 event for next week with a new teaser video featuring another look at the console's new DualSense controller. Visually, the teaser video offers nothing of note, but the audio has caught the attention of some PlayStation fans who think the short 15-second video previews the PS5 boot-up sound.

As you would expect, when Sony released the video, it was the announcement that accompanied it that stole the headlines and social media chatter. So much so that hardly anybody stopped to ask if the music in the video is the start-up sound for the console.

If you listen to the audio closely, it gives off serious console boot-up vibes. In fact, it sounds like a mix between the PS4 and PS2 boot-up sounds, with a bit of PS1 thrown in there. Further, this is similar to how Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X's boot-up sound.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has not commented on the speculation or provided any further information. Of course, it's quite possible this is nothing more than generic audio used specifically for the video, but the fact that it sounds so similar to previous PlayStation boot-up sounds makes this possibility seem unlikely.

Below, you can check out the video and audio for yourself:

Of course, there's a good chance we may get more information at the aforementioned June 4 event. For now, all Sony has confirmed will be there will be PS5 games, but it's possible Sony may also finally reveal the console, which would presumably be accompanied by its boot-up sound.

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