PlayStation Teases "Overhauled" PS5 UI

Sony finally unveiled the PS5 last week, and now the PlayStation makers are teasing the console's [...]

Sony finally unveiled the PS5 last week, and now the PlayStation makers are teasing the console's "overhauled" UI. While most PlayStation gamers are eagerly awaiting a price point reveal and word of a precise release date, some are excited to see the PS5 home dashboard and UI. Jumping from PS3 to PS4, Sony made drastic changes in this department. And it paid off. Nobody has ever had a bad thing to say about the PS4's UI. That said, if you thought this meant PlayStation was resting on its laurels with the PS5 UI, well you're wrong.

According to Matt MacLaurin, the VP of UX Design at PlayStation, Sony will reveal the PS5's UI "soon." And while MacLaurin notes that Sony's approach to the console's UI has been a little more pragmatic this time around, he also says that it has been completely overhauled with a variety of new concepts and with a huge focus on the OS UI.

MacLaurin continues by noting the design is first and foremost practical but features a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface. Further, while facets of it may look and feel familiar, it's all been improved and refined to be faster and smoother.

For now, it remains to be seen just how drastic the UI change will be from PS4 to PS5, but we know at the very least things will be different, which is the opposite approach Microsoft is reportedly taking with the Xbox Series X, which will allegedly have the same UI as the Xbox One.

That said, while Sony hasn't revealed the console's UI, it sounds like that will change in the coming months. MacLaurin doesn't divulge any specifics, but I'd wager it will be revealed by the end of August at the latest.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release worldwide sometime this holiday season, and while we don't officially know how much the console will cost, we do have reasons to believe it will be $500.

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