PUBG Is Going Free-to-Play for a Limited Time

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will soon be free-to-play on one platform starting this week, PUBG Corp. announced recently. The battle royale game will be playable on the PC platform via Steam for a limited time beginning on Thursday and ending on June 8th to give players a chance to see what’s new in the game now that Season 7 is fully underway with a ranked mode live across all platforms. For those who aren’t on the PC and still want to play, the PlayStation 4 version of the game will also be included in a Days of Play sale that’s going on now.

PUBG Corp. announced its free-to-play plans for PUBG recently and said the game would be playable by all on the PC from June 4th to June 8th. It’s also half-off via Steam during that window, so if you end up liking what the developers have done with Season 7 now that there’s a revamped map and more to check out, you can get it at a discount.

Those on the PlayStation 4 have a similar deal happening for the next two weeks. The game won’t be free-to-paly on that platform, but you can get it for the same half-off price during the Days of Play sale that’s live now and will be around until Jun 17th. PUBG and other games will be on sale for the duration, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on your backlog of games if you’ve been eyeing some.

And for those on consoles who are subscribed to the premium subscriptions offered on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can still play the game now and for the foreseeable future as part of the Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now programs. Xbox Game Pass got the game first since it came to the Xbox One before it released for the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Now got the game around a year afterwards.

The sales and limited-time offers will only be around for a while, so get the game from those while you can if that’s how you intend to play. Games are occasionally cycled out of the subscriptions services on consoles as well, so PUBG could one day be removed in favor of other games.