Resident Evil Re:Verse Gets a Release Date

The twice-delayed Resident Evil Re:Verse now has a release date with Capcom's new multiplayer Resident Evil endeavor set to release on October 28th alongside the new content coming to Resident Evil Village, the publisher announced this week. That announcement came without much fanfare, however, and was more of a tacked-on reveal during the larger Capcom showcase that unsurprisingly featured a strong showing from the Resident Evil brand. The game will be free for all those who own Resident Evil Village, Capcom said, though it's unclear as to what the plans are for the game, if any, outside of Village.

Re:Verse was talked about only briefly during the Capcom event and was mentioned in a similar way in associated blog posts following the showcase. In one such announcement, Capcom producer Tsuyoshi Kanda confirmed the release plans for Re:Verse.

"In addition, Resident Evil Re: Verse, which was a bonus content for Resident Evil Village, will start service at the same time as the Winters' Expansion on October 28," Kanda said in a post over on the PlayStation Blog. "We hope you will enjoy this action-packed game as well."

No real attention to the game on socials has been given out by Capcom which, for those who were on the fence about the game (and there were plenty), might not be a reassuring sign. Re:Verse was playable in an open beta more than once with a unique concept that lets players control both heroes and monstrosities from across the Resident Evil universe in multiplayer brawls, but people were still unsure of the game. It boasts a graphics filter which wasn't to the liking of some, but it was later revealed that you could turn that off if you wanted to. If nothing else, past Resident Evil multiplayer projects have released to middling reception as opposed to new single-player games and remakes.

But again, the game is free if you have Village, so it's not like you're making a big sacrifice by trying it if you already own the last main Resident Evil game. That game is getting some new DLC on the same day as Re:Verse's launch and is also getting a VR mode, so there will still be plenty to do if Re:Verse isn't to your liking.