Sackboy: A Big Adventure PC Port Seemingly Confirmed by New Finding

The likelihood of Sackboy: A Big Adventure ending up on the PC platform grew even stronger this week after assets from the game's key art were spotted as part of an updated Steam listing. The image in question is an icon pulled straight from the key art for the game's PlayStation listings which offers the best indication yet that a PC port is indeed happening. This is just the latest discovery pointing to that, however, with numerous ones from before indicating that such a port might happen.

"Steel PC" is the name of the listing over on SteamDB which has gotten numerous updates over time with the latest of those changes logged on Tuesday. The icon below featuring the trademark style of Sackboy and the LittleBigPlanet games before it is the same one that was attached to the Steam listing.

In a different update that took place right around the same time, we saw numerous languages added to the game's listing to support an achievements function.

People have been saying for a while now that the Sackboy game would supposedly be coming to the PC. Ever since leaks first pointed to the game making the jump from PlayStation to PC, we've seen various updates for this PC listing that kept people primed for an announcement,  but this latest discovery seems like one of the best indications yet that a reveal is actually on the horizon. Prior to this, the best concrete indication of a Sackboy PC port came from a post on Reddit which appeared to show both Sackboy and Returnal, another oft rumored PlayStation-to-PC game, running on the PC platform.

PlayStation itself has remained committed to the idea of putting its games on the PC platform, though not as day-one releases like Xbox does. Following the creation of a "PlayStation PC" label from late last year, Sony has since created a landing page for all of its PlayStation games that are on the PC platform as well as ones to come. Speculations have suggested that a PlayStation PC launcher is in the works, too, but like the rumored PC port of Sackboy, that hasn't been announced at this time.