Steam Sale Drops Top-Rated Strategy Game to Lowest Price Ever

Steam sales are rampant right now because of the holidays, and one of those sales has brought one of the PC platform's best strategy games down to just $5.99. The game in question is none other than Sid Meier's Civilization VI which is the latest of a long line of strategy games. Considering how the game is typically $59.99, that's a steal any day, but it's an even better deal now that we know the game is going to get even more DLC in the future even though it's been out for around five years now.

Civilization VI, for those who've never taken a crack at the series, tasks players with taking a fledgling empire to great heights by customizing cities, brokering deals with others, and waging war when unavoidable to make sure your civilization is the best that it can be. The games are good enough to have as many made as we've already gotten which is saying something itself, and Civilization VI specifically is currently ranked as the No. 5 strategy game in Steam's own top-rated rankings for that genre.

Of course, starting with Civilization VI by itself is just that – the start of the game. Plenty of DLC options have been released over time to the point that there are expansions and different bundles to look at if you want to enhance your experience, but fortunately for those who are looking to add to the game, those are on sale, too. There's the "Anthology" bundle, for example, that comes with 17 items in addition to the game itself. That normally costs $209.85, but it's on sale for just $29.77 right now. If you want something a bit smaller, there's also the "Platinum Edition" bundle which comes with eight extra items and is just $15 compared to the usual price of $167.91.

Pretty incredible deals all around, but like any good Steam sale deal, it's not going to stick around forever. For these discounts specifically it looks like the special promotion is scheduled to end on November 22nd, so you'll have the next couple of days to pick up the game (or a bundle) before the deal ends on Tuesday.

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