Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Insider Casts Doubt on #1 Requested DLC Character

According to a Nintendo insider, one of the most heavily requested characters -- if not THE most heavily requested character -- is probably not coming to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game as a DLC character, at least not with Fighters Pass Volume 2.

As you would expect, every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan has a different pair of characters they would like to see add with the final two slots of Fighter Pass Volume 2. Popular and consistent shouts include Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Waluigi, Doomslayer from DOOM, Master Chief from Halo, Kratos from God of War, Lloyd from the Tales of series, and Crash Bandicoot. So far, all of these characters are still in the running other than perhaps Crash Bandicoot, whose arrival looks unlikely now.

Speaking during a recent video, YouTuber Nate the Hate -- who has earned the reputation as a bit of an insider with some -- cast doubt on both Master Chief and Crash Bandicoot being added, especially the latter.

As you may know, while there haven't been many rumors or theories pointing towards the arrival of Master Chief, there have been a few that have pointed towards Crash Bandicoot being added. In other words, this does conflict with some previous rumors, leaks, and speculation, though nothing super noteworthy.

It's also worth pointing out that Nate the Hate doesn't seem to completely rule out the character, and right now it's unclear how much of this is speculation versus inside knowledge of the situation. Whatever the case, take it all with a grain of salt.


That said, for what it's worth, I have heard a thing or two about a character likely coming to the game, and that character is not Crash Bandicoot, nor is it Master Chief.

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