Uncharted Movie's Netflix Release Date Delayed

The live-action Uncharted movie from Sony which released in theaters back in February was supposed to be out on Netflix this week (in the United States, at least), but if you got onto the app expecting to see it there this morning, you were likely met with disappointment. Originally scheduled to release on Netflix on July 15th, it actually can't be streamed just yet and has an updated release date of August 19th instead which pushes its Netflix release back by over a month.

For those who tried to watch Uncharted already, you may have seen the updated messaging talking about the new release date. For those who haven't yet, you can see the new release date listed on the page for the movie via Netflix's site. It simply says "Coming August 19th" now with an option for people to set a reminder for that date so as not to miss it when it actually is out.

As of just a few days ago, it was still set for a July release. Some other regions seem to have already gotten the movie, however, and can watch it without issue. It's unclear what the reason is for the last-minute delay, but we've reached out to Netflix to ask about that and to confirm that this new release date is indeed accurate.

If you're not keen on waiting another month to see it and you missed its theater run, there's another option besides Netflix. The movie already came out on digital and Blu-ray back in May, so you could always see it that way instead.

If you're still content to wait for the Netflix drop, you can watch some behind-the-scenes footage from the movie to prep you for its eventual release there. There's a video that shows a closer look at the cargo plane scene, for example, a scene pulled straight from the games which doubles as one of the most action-packed ones in the movie. There's also a deleted scene that expands more on the Nathan Drake flashbacks used briefly in the film. And, of course, you can check out our review of the film here while you wait on its new August release on Netflix.