New Xbox Feature Is Great for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

A new Xbox feature across Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X  is great for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. With Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate growing in popularity, it's important that Microsoft start improving some of the minor issues with the subscription service. For example, subscribers have been calling for more transparency about how long games are available via the subscription service. Unfortunately, there's still no word of this being improved. That said, a similarly minor, but annoying issue is being resolved. 

Microsoft is set to make it easier to tell what games in your library and dashboard can and can't be played by introducing two new badges that will provide information to the players on what is required to play said game. In other words, there will be a badge if it requires a disc or a specific badge showing that it's no longer playable because it's been removed from Xbox Game Pass.

The news comes the way of Eden Marie, the engineering lead at Xbox. Taking to Twitter, Marie relayed word that the feature is currently in testing and available to Xbox Alpha & Alpha Skip Insiders.

"Xbox Alpha & Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders: today we're starting testing of new badges that will tell you if a game won't launch because a disc isn't inserted or you don't have a license for other reasons (e.g. a game left Game Pass, not signed in)," reads a tweet from Marie.

So, when is this feature rolling out to the wider Xbox audience? We don't know. Xbox hasn't said anything about a wider release at this point. Typically, when something is in the testing phase like this it takes a few months before a wider release. In other words, Xbox fans should expect this feature sometime later this year.

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