Funko's Punisher Thanos of Earth 18138 PX Exclusive Pop Figure is Live

Funko's latest Previews Exclusive Marvel Pop figure and comic combo is Thanos of Earth-18138. This [...]


Funko's latest Previews Exclusive Marvel Pop figure and comic combo is Thanos of Earth-18138. This is the Thanos from the pages of Cosmic Ghost Rider by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett that was kidnapped and raised by the Rider, Frank Castle, to do good deeds. Naturally, he ended up becoming a dictator. Rider ended up killing future Thanos for this, and returned baby Thanos to the past to erase his mistake.

The Thanos of Earth 18138 Funko Pop is featured wearing Punisher gear complete with a gun. It's also super-sized a 6-inches tall. Pre-orders for the figure are live in two variants - one for the standalone Pop and another that comes bundled with a Funko variant cover of Guardians of the Galaxy #9. Links for both options can be found below.

The concept behind this Thanos Pop figure is similar to the Professor Hulk Previews Exclusive Pop that was released last month. That version has completely sold out, and the same fate awaits Thanos of Earth 18138, so grab it while you can. When it sells out, you'll be able to find it here on eBay. Note that the PX Exclusive King Deadpool on the monster throne Pop figure is also available now.


Speaking of exclusive Marvel Funko Pops, a fourth figure was recently added to the Wood Deco series, and it's none other than than Spider-Man! It's still made out of vinyl, but a Funko is using special paint technique that makes each Pop look like carved wood - right down to a grain design that varies on each figure. As you can see, the effect is pretty convincing.

The Spider-Man Wood Deco Pop figure is an Entertainment Earth exclusive that you can order right here for $14.99 while it lasts. Spider-Man follows Captain America, Iron Man, and Groot in the Wood Deco collection, but all three of them are sold out at this point. The Spider-Man Pop figure will join them soon, so grab it while you can.

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