Friday the 13th's Real Campground Offering Tours in October and November

In the 40 years since audiences first visited the fictional Camp Crystal Lake in 1980's Friday the 13th, fans have wanted to visit the filming location of the horrifying narrative, with the actual Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey opening up their doors for select tours throughout the month of October, as well as on Friday, November 13th. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these upcoming tours won't be like tours in the past, but the upcoming events will enforce social distancing protocols, face coverings will be required, and temperature checks will be administered to everyone in attendance. You can head to the official Crystal Lake Tours website for more details.

The site describes the event, "Are you in the New Jersey area and looking for something to do outdoors? We are super excited to announce a number of special fall events! Similar to our recent summer tours, these events will feature a limited number of guests to allow for proper social distancing. Temperature scans will be performed at check-in and face coverings will be required at all times. We will continue to monitor the situation and send updates to all ticketed guests."

Tour details are as follows:

  • Lakefront Tours: Starting at $89 plus tax and fees. These shorter tours take you directly to the center of the Camp Crystal Lake movie set: the lake! You will visit 5 filming locations in this area and have plenty of time to take photos. Includes special gifts (approximately $30 value).
  • Full Tours: Starting at $159 plus tax and fees. The full loop tour includes all filming locations at the camp and plenty of time to take photos. The evening session of this tour also includes all filming locations – IN THE DARK! Bring your flashlight along to experience our first-ever night tours. Includes special gifts (approximately $30 value).

There are few better ways to get into the spirit of Halloween than going to the remote wilderness, let alone a summer camp that is the home of one of the most famous slashers of all time. Adding even more incentive to visit the famous locale is that, due to a legal dispute over the rights to the franchise, there has been no progress on a new film in the franchise for years, with the last entry being the 2009 reboot. Interestingly, the next film would mark the 13th installment into the series, which fans hope will be worth the wait.

Head to the official Crystal Lake Tours website for more details on the tours.

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