Coffee Mate Is Introducing an M&M's Creamer

They say you shouldn't really have candy for breakfast, but a new creamer from Coffee mate is giving coffee drinkers everywhere a loophole to that very solid dietary advice. Coffee mate is introducing a new M&M's Milk Chocolate creamer combining the sweetness of the popular candy with your morning coffee to start the day off sweet. The new creamer flavor is described as bringing a melt-into-your-mug rich coffee-meets-chocolate experience that is distinctively different than a mocha.

The new Coffee mate M&M's Milk Chocolate creamer has a recommended retail price of $3.79 for 32 fl. oz. and is described as bringing "the perfect combination of comfort and joy to your cup with new Coffee mate M&M's Milk Chocolate creamer. Made with notes reminiscent of the classic chocolate candy, this creamer will deliciously melt into your mug, creating a rich, coffee-meets-chocolate experience."

The M&M's Milk Chocolate creamer is set to hit store shelves in January 2021, but it won't be the only new offering from Coffee mate. The new flavor will be joined by the brand new Unlocked by Coffee mate, a first-of-its-kind line of coffee-flavored coffee creamers. That line launches with two flavors, Unlocked by Coffee mate Classic Colombian and Unlocked by Coffee mate Italian Espresso Roast. According to Coffee mate, the Unlocked creamer line is "inspired by the unique characteristics of various coffee blends, Coffee mate Unlocked cuts any bitterness of traditional black coffee, while adding a creamy richness and the taste of gourmet roast to your mug."

Classic Colombian brings the comforting taste of full-bodied medium roast to your cup with flavors of richly roasted beans and bright, fruity notes -- combined with creamer richness -- create a coffee shop-level experience at home. Italian Espresso Roast is said to transform your morning coffee routine with subtle notes of cocoa, smoky aromatics and a creamer texture, this creamer brings dark roast richness to any coffee bland.

Both flavors of Unlocked by Coffee mate have a recommended retail price of $3.79 for 32 fl. oz. and will also not hit store shelves until January 2021.

What do you think about an M&M's candy-flavored coffee creamer? What about the Italian Espresso Roast and Classic Colombian Unlocked flavors? Or do you prefer something else in your morning coffee? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.