Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Producer Explains America Chavez Debut

One of the producers on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness talked about why Marvel chose this film to introduce America Chavez. In D23 Magazine recently, Richie Palmer explained that her power set is perfectly suited to this film. There has been lots of conversation about how she would eventually make her entrance not the MCU. (Concept art of her being in Spider-Man: No Way Home recently surfaced, but that was from a time where Multiverse of Madness was supposed to come before in the timeline.) However, Chavez's unique interactions with Doctor Strange and Wong seems to loom large here are well too. The sorcerer is going to have his hands full with another impulsive teenager making a mockery of everything he's sworn to protect. However, the young hero is necessary to save the Multiverse.

"America is someone we've been trying to get into the MCU for a long time. This felt like the best place to do it, because 'Multiverse' is in the title and her powers specifically have to do with the Multiverse – her powers being that she can punch open doorways to other universes," he explained. "That's something we haven't seen in our movies, a character who can actually walk from one universe to another. That's maddening in itself for characters such as Doctor Strange and Wong, whose jobs are to protect those barriers." had the chance to speak with America's creator Joe Casey about how exciting it is to see the character make her big MCU debut.

"Well, one reason -- and I think this speaks to her inclusion in the movie -- is that she just seems to fit into the Marvel Universe," Casey began. "She's unlike any other Marvel character but she shares a lot of the qualities that epitomize a traditional Marvel hero. One of the main reasons why I created her in the first place was to come up with a character who could stand proudly alongside the other classic Marvel icons like Iron Man and Spider-Man."

"But let's face it, if we're all being honest here, she's had a rather bizarre journey in the comics. That's no secret," he added. "Luckily, her basic appeal has never wavered and her fans are incredibly loyal. And I'd like to think -- as with anything that's being adapted and adjusted for another medium -- her appearance in the MCU is a chance to distill the character back down to the best version of her, and strip away at least some of the creative detritus that might've accumulated in the comics over the last decade. For the movie, they can pick and choose the best bits."

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