Falcon and the Winter Soldier Reveals New Captain America Costume in Unreleased Promo

As we wait for the season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, many fans are eager to see the debut of Sam Wilson as the All-New Captain America after it was teased in the closing moments of Episode 5. And while the episode is just hours away from being available to stream, a new Marvel Studios promo (that's supposed to be unreleased at this point) might have spoiled the big reveal of Sam's debut as the Star-Spangled member of the Avengers. It's only a matter of time before we get a better look, but if you can't wait...

Check out the new promo in the video player below:

The new costume looks straight out of the comics, during Sam Wilson's run as Cap for the All-New Marvel NOW! banner for Marvel Comics. Sam maintained that tenure for years after Steve Rogers passed on the shield, due to a battle with Arnim Zola that took away the Super Serum and aged him decades into an old man.

The circumstances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are quite different, but with Rogers similarly out of the picture, fans should expect this new Captain America to have many adventures ahead. But what's next for Sam Wilson? It's hard to say at this point.

Marvel has not yet announced a future project featuring Anthony Mackie as Cap or Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, though there is speculation that they could feature in a second season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Director Kari Skogland addressed the possibility during an interview with The Direct.

"I can't even answer that because I would say there's nothing I didn't get to do in this one, and yet there's so much more to do," said Skogland. "So, let's hope that there is a season two. I have no idea whether there will be or not, but I do know there's always more stories to explore and more characters to have go down the rabbit hole with."

Producer Nate Moore recently spoke about Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 2 during an interview with indieWire. He confirmed that Marvel has had internal discussions about a possible continuation.

"We've definitely kicked around ideas because we always like to keep thinking about where things can go, but we also, frankly, in the crush of the pandemic, we're just trying to finish the show and make sure it got out in a timely matter," said Moore. "Hopefully at the end of this season, you will see the potential for what we could tell in a subsequent season."

Hopefully, we see what's next for the new Captain America when the season finale premieres on Friday.

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