Loki Season 2 Reveals Footage at Destination D23 Picking Up After Epic Season 1 Cliffhanger

The second season of Loki is going to pick up right where the first season left off...

Destination D23 took place this weekend, and fans were treated to a lot of exciting news about Disney World and Disneyland. However, it wasn't just parks news that was dropped at the event. During the Walt Disney Studios Showcase, Loki Executive Producer Kevin Wright took the stage to share a peek at the show's highly-anticipated second season. Laughing Place shared a breakdown of the footage, which picks up right where Loki's first season cliffhanger left off. 

"Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has returned to the TVA, and it appears that a variant of Kang (Jonathan Majors) is now in control, with a statue of the supervillain dominating the skyline. Mobius (Owen Wilson) and guards chase him through the halls, with Loki's friend now unfamiliar with who he is. To evade being captured, Loki dives out of a window and lands in the bed of a yellow hover truck. Its driver is so startled that she accidentally knicks the statue of Kang on his cheek," Laughing Place explained. 

"The truck crashes into the side of a building, and Loki tumbles out into an office where Casey (Eugene Cordero) also doesn't recognize him. He calls on the intercom for security. Loki looks down at the marble floor, which has the TVA shield and sword crest inlaid. It's been damaged by the chaos of the moment. And then something strange happens. Loki glitches," the continued.

"Loki is standing in the exact same room, with Casey staring at him quizzically. But something is different. Casey knows him, for starters. Loki looks down at the floor. The crest is still damaged. He asks Casey when that happened. Casey can't remember a time when the damage wasn't there. Loki believes he was just in the past. He asks Casey to get Mobius, and then he glitches again."

What Is TimeSlipping? 

Loki was first seen "glitching" in the show's trailer, but timeslipping is not 100% new to Marvel. In the comics, Timeslip is the name of a time-traveling character who was introduced 1995. Rina Patel was a mutant who possessed a variety of enhanced abilities, most notably powers related to time manipulation. Patel could switch her current consciousness to any point in her past or future life in addition to regular time travel. Considering the TVA operates outside of space and time, it is possible that ther term "timeslipping" came from Rina Patel. Of course, Patel and Marvel Comics' other mutants have yet to enter the MCU.

When Will X-Men Join The MCU?

Speaking with ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis last year, Kevin Feige teased the future of the X-Men in the MCU. Our Phase Zero host joked if we would have to wait until Phase 10 (meaning, Phase X) until we saw the X-Men, prompting a hilarious reply from Feige: "You want to wait till Phase 10 for the X-Men? Alright, that's longer than I want to wait. But I guess."

Deadpool 3 is coming next year and it's expected to bring the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie will also feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, which means it could be how the beloved team of mutants finally merges with the MCU. In the meantime, the MCU did make some big changes last year by dropping the "m" word for the first time in Ms. Marvel.

Loki season 2 debuts on Disney+ on October 6th.